Master Plan

Final Master Plan

Final Masterplan_thumb

The final master plan was presented to the community and the park’s advisory committee on Monday, March 12, 2018. Changes were made to the plan based on comments from the advisory committee and the community, including the addition of a perimeter trail and a revision to the open space.

2018.02.08 BirdsEye_thumb

Draft Master Plan

We have taken your feedback from the website, surveys and the first community meeting, as well as input from the park advisory committee, and developed a draft master plan for the future Belews Park. Spend a little time with the plan and then let us know what you think.

The following elements and features are included in the draft master plan. Click to see images representing some of the activities.

  • Mountain bike trails of varying difficulty levels
  • Hiking-only trails
  • Tree-top canopy walk
  • Adventure playground
  • Dog park
  • Restroom / Picnic shelter
  • Multiple overlooks
  • Picnicking
  • Educational opportunities
  • Parking
  • Connection to Belews Lake access and Knight Brown Preserve
  • Connection to a future proposed regional trail

Click the 3D rendering above to see a full-size image with labels. And click the map below to see a full-size PDF with labels.

2018.02.08 DraftMP_thumb

Concept Alternatives

Before a final master plan can be prepared, we seek out feedback from the community on several alternative concepts. These plans are sketches that represent programmatic elements and how they relate to each other on the site. We explore how visitors use and access the park. On Thursday, January 11, 2018, we presented four alternative concepts to the community at the first public open house.

These four alternative concepts are presented below and we welcome your feedback (click on each image to see a full-size PDF). We will take your feedback, as well as feedback from RCC Staff and stakeholders, and develop a singular concept plan for Belews Park. That plan will be presented at the February 8th open house at RCC.

Development Diagram

Concept A

  • Hiking only in the lower portions of the property
  • 2.75 miles of trail total
  • 35 acres of mountain bike trails (4-7.5 miles)
  • Dog park (2 acres)
  • Meadow / open field

Concept B

  • Hiking only in lower portions of site but more area given to mountain biking
  • 2.4 miles of trail total
    40 acres of mountain bike trails (5-10 miles)
  • Treetop adventure walk (0.5 miles)

Concept C

  • Development central to site / mountain bike area stretches north to south
  • 3.5 miles of trail total
  • 40 acres of mountain bike trails (5-10 miles)
  • Horticulture demonstration garden
  • Dog park (1 acre)
  • 9-hole disc golf

Concept D

  • Emphasis on disc golf
  • 1.9 miles of trail total
  • 30 acres of mountain bike trail (3-5 miles)
  • Dog park (2 acres)
  • Fitness stations
  • 18-hole disc golf course

Survey Results

We collected feedback on the concept alternatives from the community at the January 11th open house as well as through an online survey. The survey closed on January 29, 2018. Presented below are the results of the survey (click the image to see it full size). The information and preferences collected will help define the final draft master plan to be presented on February 8, 2018.

Survey 2results-01

As concepts are developed and the master plan finalized, the drawings will be posted on this page. Check back often for updates.

25 thoughts on “Master Plan

  1. I don’t see any horse trails included in these plans. This area has a significant number of riders and the stables/farms that support horseback riding.

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  2. There is a huge community of horseback riders that would support riding trails at Belews creek who would like to be taken into consideration. Horses provide an on going economic impact in Rockingham ,Stokes and Guilford countys as opposed to some other sports that are a one time purchase without any financial follow up. Think about the barns, hay, feed, land, taxes, farm equipment, tack stores just to mention a few that are ongoing expenditures .. A bike, a disc for golf, hiking boots…..done. There are many parks that have successfully combined these sports servicing a broader spectrum of the community. We would be happy to talk with you on the specifics.

    Frankie Harrington
    Flintrock Farms boarder
    Rockingham County

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    • The equestrians should help build and maintain it. As should the hikers. What I continue to see are trails slated for hiking only, but then they rarely use them because the mtnbkrs do such a good job at keeping the trails cleared of debris. The only fallback is that they don’t build them to be sustainable and this close due to weather all the time. In MI we had successfully created multi-use trails for hike/bike, and an alternative trail for equestrian. If all help, and build proper, they could be awesome!

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  3. Any of the park proposals sound like they would make for fun filled visits. Play grounds and education displays would be nice for children. Disc golf and bike rentals would be great for older youth & teens. From the listing of the trail needs in other posts there seems to be a need for 3 exclusive sets of trails. Equestrian, biking, and hiking/jogging. Each trail type is needed to insure safety and enjoyment for all. Bikes zipping around corners can spook horses. Bikes and horses are hard on wet trails leaving them rough which can cause issues hiking or jogging. Horses dropping manure leaves trails in conditions that are not fun to ride, jog, or hike around. Is there enough room for 3 exclusive sets of trails?
    A lake or pond that is more than just storm water run off collection would be nice for fishing or hiking around with young children.


  4. In reply to the misinformed and obvious non-cyclist who commented that bikes are a one-time purchase with no additional expenditures,. Just like any sport that requires mechanical equipment to participate, in order to enjoy cycling, we continue to invest in new technology, including the latest in apparel, accessories, and nutrition. The economic impact of cycling I would say dwarfs equestrian in Guilford County. Numerous cycling events take place throughout the region almost every weekend spring thru fall that contribute to the regional economy. As usual, the horse people think they are the straw that stirs the drink.


    • To Robert peg. I own three horses and spend approximately 1500 per month on board and feed not to mention vet bills. It is quite obvious that you are ill informed about equestrian life and its economic impact. And just to be clear in case you didn’t know, this park is NOT being constructed in Guilford county. In Rockingham county equestrian life and financial impact on community dwarfs the slight impact from cyclists. There are mountain bike trails already in Farris Memorial Park in Rockingham County, but no horse trails.


  5. Another hopeful vote of consideration for equestrian trails! The other ideas seem great but please do give consideration for the horse community. Considering the large population of equestrian owners and enthusiast, equestrian trials would not only be appreciated but also highly valued to the community.

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  6. Almost everyone owns a bike, but how many people own horses?
    Please consider a hard top trail for those cyclist who would like to be safe from road traffic.


    • Lots of people own horses in this county and especially in this area. There are three boarding barns within five miles of the proposed park site. I have no problem at all with hard top trails for bikes, as I agree it will keep cyclist safer. Not to mention keeping cyclist from obstructing traffic potentially causing accident as drivers maneuver around them during the course of normal life. That being said I support hardtop trails for bikes. My suggestion is to replace mountain bike trails with horse trails. This way both types of sport enthusiast (bikes, and equestrian) are addressed instead of pushing horse enthusiasts out by providing two types of bike trails. How long do you really think it could take to ride five miles of mountain bike trails. They will be used a little at first, then people will quickly become bored and go where they can ride bikes for hours instead of coming here and riding for mere minutes.


  7. As an avid disc golfer and park goer I would love to see this in our area. This addition would bring a lot of new people to our area and potentially promote a more active lifestyle to our locals.


  8. Horse trails appear to be mentioned quite often. I think horse owners are a very small and close knit community who network well to increase their voice. The reality is, they are a very small minority. Funds for this park should be focused on more general enjoyable activities and not cater to an elite vocal minority. Not to mention the added and ongoing cost of keeping these trails clean.


    • Obviously you are also misinformed about the community that this park is being built in. This park should be for residents of the area and designed as such. There are virtually no mountain bike riders within 10-15 miles of this park. How far do you think people will travel to ride five miles of bike trails? This area is much more horse oriented than mountain bike oriented. People outside the area should have no say in what we have in our community park. We are the people who will use this park by far the most.


      • I know a dozen mountain bike riders who live within 3-4 miles of the new park. 4 that live within a few hundred yards.


      • There are many more Mtn Bikers around than you think. People travel from around the state to ride the water shed trails in Northern Guilford county. I under the desire for horse trails, but wonder if they, the horse lovers, will put in as much work to maintain the trails as Mtn Bikers do to maintain theirs?


  9. Seems to me that since there are already mountain bike trails at Farris Memorial Park, rather than directly compete with that park, you would add horse trails instead. There are many horse lovers/riders who travel to ride trails in other areas.


  10. I agree with a number of other posters. Given the number of horse owners within very close proximity to this park I think equestrian trails would be widely used.


  11. Master plan looks good. The access to the park on Stanley Rd. appears to be safer than an entrance from Ellisboro with all the traffic.
    Where on the lake shore does the future lake access trail end up? The closest point of contact with the lake from the future access trail indicated by the drawing would be the inlet between the Carolina Marina and Belews Landing. Would there be any public boating or fishing access possible in this area? It seems to be surrounded with private property and boat traffic from the marina would have to be taken into consideration.


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